"We immediately fell in love with the Crystal Pointe subdivision. There was one home that fit our needs and it was almost complete. We basically bought the house via email and fax, even though we had not actually seen it inside and out."

Jim and Waneta

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Protective Covenants FAQ

1. What is the purpose of protective covenants?
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2. How are covenants enforced?

3. If there is theft in the community, what will the association's responsibility?

4. What happens if a homeowner does not comply with the covenants?

5. Does a violation affect other homeowners?

6. How will my Association dues be used?

7. Will my association dues be raised, and if so, why?

8. How does the Association work for me?

9. What type of fence can I install and do I need permission to do so?

10. Can I store a boat in my backyard?

11. Can I make changes to my mailbox?

12. Why are there so many pages in the covenants? Why can't you list the most important restrictions as a cover page to the covenants?

13. Do the covenants establish rules for removal of trees?

14. Do I need approval for a storage shed?

15. May I install a satellite dish? Are there any restrictions?

16. Am I allowed to have as many pets as I like?

17. How do I report covenant violations?

18. Are clotheslines allowed?

19. What if I'm dissatisfied with the lawn care?

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