"We immediately fell in love with the Crystal Pointe subdivision. There was one home that fit our needs and it was almost complete. We basically bought the house via email and fax, even though we had not actually seen it inside and out."

Jim and Waneta

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General FAQ

1. Do I need a real estate agent to buy a Keystone home?
GA & SC New Home Builder

2. Can I bring in my own plan?

3. How long does it take to build a home if I start from scratch?

4. What kind of warranty comes with my home?

5. Can we make any plan changes such as moving a wall or adding a window?

6. Is the fencing included, and if so what type of fencing is used?

7. How much will my property taxes be?

8. Are there covenants, conditions and restrictions in my neighborhood?

9. Can I make designer selections, i.e. paint colors, carpet type on a home under construction?

10. Why are some home sites priced differently than others?

11. Why do prices differ between neighborhoods with the same floor plans?

12. Can I buy a home site now and wait to build on it?

13. Can I choose the location of my cable/phone or electrical outlets?

14. After my home site is cleared can I have remaining trees removed?

15. Can I move in early?

16. How do I submit warrantable items for correction?

17. Who do I call for an emergency repair?

18. What items are excluded in my one year limited warranty?

19. Why does my driveway have cracks?

20. Why does Keystone use paint with a flat finish?

21. Can I add optional luxury features to my home if it is already under construction?

22. My kitchen countertop has a seam. Does it require additional maintenance?

23. Why doesn't Keystone allow any changes to be made to the home within 45 days of closing?

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