Step-by-Step Construction

Building your home is an exciting part of the home buying process.  You can watch as your home goes through the different phases of construction all the way to completion.  To help you better understand the construction process, Keystone offers several on-site meetings with representatives from our staff.  The Pre-Construction meeting, framing meeting, and homeowner orientation, make you a part of the building process.  We take the guess work out of what is coming next and make building your home a stress-free and memorable part of the experience!

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Phase 1

Includes: Picking up the plan and permits, surveying the lot, applying for temporary power, the footing material and labor.

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Phase 2

Includes: Foundation material and labor, back-fill labor, slab plumbing, pluming inspection, termite treatment and concrete labor.

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Phase 3

Includes: Ordering tubs and showers, framing material and labor, delivering doors and windows, and ordering brick when necessary.

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Phase 4

Includes: All rough-in work such as plumbing, heating and air, and electrical; cabinets are measured, roofing labor, insulation, and brick labor as needed.

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Phase 5

Includes: Sheetrock labor and drywall, water and sewer connections, vinyl siding labor, and driveway and patio concrete labor.

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Phase 6

Includes: Install cabinets, paint house, install garage door, install flooring (except carpet), install vanity tops, deliver lighting and deliver appliances.

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Phase 7

Includes: Install gutters, landscaping, fencing, final pressure-wash, install carpet, final clean, mirrors, shelves, and bath accessories, and change locks.

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You are welcome to visit your homesite during the construction process but keep in mind that safety is our first priority. You must have a hard hat and safety glasses on during several phases of construction. We strongly recommend that you speak with your Neighborhood Manager or Associate before visiting your homesite. They can provide the necessary safety equipment and let you know when it is most appropriate to visit your home without delaying the construction process.

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